Empowering Healing & Connecting with Nature


Sherri Mariash

I have been studying herbal medicine through multiple teachers, schools, and traditions for nine years. My main teachers are Seraphina Capranos and Sajah Popham. I have completed "The Alchemy of Herbal Medicine" an intermediate level training in herbal medicine and a two year clinical herbalism program with "The School of Evolutionary Herbalism". I use a foundation of Traditional Western Medicine; practicing in a way which looks at the whole body. I look into organ systems, tissue states and energetics. This holistic method illuminates root causes of problems and thus remedies to rebalance and restore the body to optimum heath. 

Along with practicing clinical herbalism I also harvest and make all the medicine in my apothacary. I take pride in ethically wild-crafting fresh herbs for small batch medicine making. By using fresh plants you capture their full vitality which holds the strongest medicinal qualities. I work with over 60 plants, focusing on plants of the Pacific North West. 

I find this form of medicine deeply healing as it touches every part of our being; physical emotional and spiritual. Plants have had and continue to have profound healing for me personally; giving me a deep connection and respect for them. I feel the responsibility to share this wisdom and to help empower others on their own healing path. 




Herbal Medicine

This is a form of medicine which uses plants in various extracted forms internally or externally for healing. It is the oldest form of medicine; which has been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years. It is a holistic view of the body, plants and all of nature being interconnected. Using universal patterns we can see deep into our body, organ systems and tissue states and match these conditions with the right plants. Herbal medicine works on the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our being. Plants have the ability to go deep into own being to instil a lasting change.