Lightening Charge

May 7th 2018


It happens gradually, creeping in forming more and more shadows. Clouds darkening and building quickly gives some clue as what is to come. The change of light makes fantastic contrast upon the green earth which is ever so ready for the rain. Suddenly it is right over head, cracking thunder sending a charge through you. Being surrounded by so much action in the sky speeds up my pulse and allows me to tap into this great energy. My perception sharpens, my emotions are stirred and a shift in perspective. The daily tasks and errands fall from my thoughts as I am forced to turn inward. I feel a sudden and welcomed burst of vitality. Regardless of the un-set sun you cannot miss the white-gold flashes of lightening. This first spring storm has set the tone for the more active summer season to come. I am ready to come out of the quieter winter months and face the new projects, goals, ideas, and activities of spring with creativity and drive.


What happens when you experience a lightening storm? Has it stirred up your inner creativity and drive? What makes you feel charged?