Heart Medicine

My day started early, before the sun was over the horizon. Riding my bike near the river’s edge to harvest Rose in bloom. You want to capture the volatile oils before the sun touches the petals evaporating them. Nootka Rose is the reason for an early Friday morning.



Nootka Rose is our native wild rose. Different from the cultivated, manicured florist roses. This shrub produces many delicate light pink blossoms, fragrant, yet still coated with thorns. Thorns symbolize protection and illuminate boundaries; as you know exactly where your skin and a thorn meet. This is the plants way of communicating to respect it’s space.


Rose is arguably the most common and universal symbol for love. Love is a very deep emotion which is felt, generated, created, expressed, transferred and endless. I believe there are many forms or expressions of love but ultimately it is still simply love. One-love.


When talking love-talking we look into the heart. Life can be an amazing joyous adventure but can also come with plenty of challenges, traumas and hard times. These traumas can slowly build up and store themselves in the heart almost without us noticing. Working with this plant will help to unfold layers of the heart gently and gracefully; as it is not always easy to face our buried emotions. It will show you great compassion and beauty within oneself. She has the power to release tensions making you feel a light and free.  


This is a key plant in my medicine cabinet for it’s strong emotional virtues as well as physical complaints. I feel it is an important remedy for our current “mind dominate” culture. Our minds are a useful, necessary tool but our hearts are a powerful perception and communication tool. Let us not forget this by allowing our minds to be a servant to the heart.


May you breath deep into your being to have an open, full, clear and strong heart today.