Personal Consultations

This is a confidential appointment with a trained herbal practitioner; Sherri Mariash. The initial consultation is 1-2 hours long and gives you a chance to go in depth with your current aliments and health concerns. We will work together to make possible dietary and lifestyle choices to support you in making positive changes for better living. I use diagnostic tests of pulse, tongue and facial lines to look deeper into your body assessing your current constitution. I will also pull a medical astrology chart if you provide your birthdate and time. A personalized herbal formula will be created for your unique constitution, ailments and emotional welbeing. Herbal Medicine works slow yet deep in the body; a formula is usually giving for 2-6months.

$120 Initial Consultation (1-2hours) includes the practitioners time formulating and making the medicine but not the coast of the herbs.

$40-60 Follow-Up Consultations (1/2h-1h) This is a time to asses the clients progress and make protocol changes if needed

About Sherri Mariash and Herbal Medicine

Working with Sherri one on one is priceless. She does a complete health history intake that covers not only your physical condition, but your emotional and energetic condition as well. I’ve had several personalized tinctures for myself and my children and they always work their magic.
— Alex
Her custom work is amazing and spot on - she lets her intuition lead the way and does not disappoint! I am a huge fan of all of Sherri’s products and highly recommend checking her out for any of your herbal needs!
— Hannah

Conditions herbal medicine may help with:

Stress & Anxiety, Digestive Issues, Skin Irritations and Acne, Hormonal Issues, Painful or Irregular Mensuration, Respiratory Infections, Insomnia, Allergies, and more